Tsotne Ghughunishvili

Tsotne Ghughunishvili

Tsotne Ghughunishvili teaches General English Courses at Unique Learning.

Tsotne studied English philology at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He has been teaching English to students for three years.

In 2021, he completed the training entitled “Scientific Discussions on Lexicology and Lexicography”. Also, he participated in the scientific conference dedicated to the 105th anniversary of TSU by reporting on the comparative analysis of the old and modern English verb (Feohtan-fight).

In addition, Tsotne has published several articles for the literary magazine “Affinage”.

Activities and achievements:

  • Article for the magazine of student philosophers “Zneni”.
  • An article for the literary magazine “Aneuli.”
  • Translation for the scientific magazine “Agmosavleti”
  • At the undergraduate level, he has received 6 scholarships, funded both by the state and the city hall.

Teaching methods:

“Generally speaking, my teaching methods are based on two main strategies: communication and task-based activities. Both of them effectively complement each other by combining practical and theoretical knowledge. More specifically, I believe that you should be as many teachers as you have students, because each of them requires a different approach depending on their individual interests.

During the course of the lesson, the mood and the attitude between the student and the teacher are the most important for me, because I believe that the main thing is not only teaching, but  establishing relationships. My goal as a teacher is for children to love what they do. That is why I pay special attention to their individual interests and wishes, so that we can reach the desired outcome together.”