Kathryn Elliott

Kathryn Elliott

Kathryn has been teaching at Unique Learning for two years. She believes that the skills, abilities, and interests of each student should be taken into account when planning a lesson. It creates an active learning environment in the class and makes it easier for students to be actively involved in the learning process and cooperate more with the teacher and with each other.

Kathryn often uses educational games and fun activities with young learners.

Teaching methods:

“My manner of teaching involves a cooperative and active learning environment. With a student-centred approach, I aim to inspire students to critically think for themselves. While using research based teaching techniques and building relationships with my students, I want to empower them with choices and examine their many unique learning styles. 

I aim to encourage deep thinking and self-evaluation, fostering an atmosphere of conversation. I collaborate with students through creative tasks and a variety of learning activities designed to meet many different learning styles. 

I aim to keep the students involved, motivated and encouraged which helps them achieve more when it comes to learning. Educational games are also an important part of creating some fun while learning.”